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Training yoga within the winter is completely different than within the summertime. Wintertime is ideal for restoration, rejuvenation, and introspection, simply as many animals and vegetation use it for hibernation. It is necessary that we alter with the seasons simply as nature does by adapting our each day life, consuming decisions, and yoga follow. So listed below are some issues you must bear in mind till the spring.

  • Drink heat water or tea earlier than yoga follow. It warms you from inside. It is usually helpful to start out and finish the day with a glass of heat lemon water within the winter season. It encourages circulation, improves urge for food, and stimulates digestion.
  • Embody warming spices in all of your meals and tea. Select cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, cumin, coriander, and nutmeg.
  • Winter is a pure time for resting, so at evening do actions that promote a way of calmness, meditate longer. Go to mattress sooner than you’re used to in different seasons.
  • A heat physique is much less susceptible to damage when stretching. Be sure you put on heat layers over your yoga outfit, put on lengthy sleeve prime and ankle size leggings.
  • Enable your muscular tissues to heat up earlier than diving into your yoga follow. Attempt to sit within the scorching room or do some Solar Salutations to heat up quicker.
  • If you happen to follow yoga in a yoga studio, use your individual yoga mat, and attempt to not borrow studio or fitness center mats. It’s onerous to know what sort of germs could also be dwelling in them.


Throughout the winter months, you will need to enhance congestion and assist respiratory organs. So poses that open the chest, throat, and sinuses are very helpful. The next poses are particularly really useful for the winter season.

Locust Pose.

Or Salabhasana. This pose opens the chest and shoulders whereas strengthening the again.

Solar Salutation.

Or Surya Namaskara. Together with solar resolution to your yoga follow helps construct warmth within the physique.


Or Salamba Sarvangasana. This supported inversion helps with stagnation of lymph. Do one time and maintain for at least 12 breaths.

Fish Pose.

Or Matsyasana. This supine backbend/inversion gives a deep stretch for the shoulders, chest, and the entrance physique

Bow Pose.

Or Dhanurasana. Open your chest with this backbend. It stretches all the entrance of the physique and concurrently strengthes each muscle within the again.

Follow Kapalabhati respiration.

Kapalabhati follow builds inner warmth and eliminates mucus from the respiratory tract, cleanses lungs.  It opens the sinuses, which is why it’s additionally thought of to be an excellent cleaning follow. It’s undoubtedly helpful follow within the winter months when extra mucus can accumulate.

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