5 Methods Meditation Makes Us Higher at Yoga

Meditation. Yoga. The 2 go collectively like Batman & Robin (although with much less capes… often).

As non secular well being practices which have each discovered reputation within the West over the previous 50 years, we are likely to lump yoga and meditation collectively. Every time we learn of 1, the opposite often isn’t far behind. And after we’re purchasing for yoga pants it’s no shock to see a meditation mala within the neighborhood.

But regardless of the plain correlation between yoga and meditation, there are nonetheless numerous individuals who do one or the opposite and never each.

Huge mistake. 

Yoga makes you higher at meditation as a result of it creates a relaxed physique that’s conducive to a relaxed thoughts. To not point out, it additionally makes it far simpler to get into lotus place with out feeling like your legs are going to snap in two.  And meditation makes us higher at yoga in 5 key methods. Let’s have a look.

How meditation makes us higher at yoga

1. Meditation helps us concentrate on asanas

After we’re practising yoga, we’re, after all, exercising the physique. However we must be exercising the thoughts on the identical time.

Each time we place the physique in an asana (pose), we must be specializing in that pose. By focusing the thoughts on the physique whereas in a pose, we expertise the asana in full. Yoga asanas supply many psychological well being advantages, however in an effort to glean these advantages, we’ve to truly concentrate on what we’re doing. 

Sadly, many individuals don’t go away their ideas and distractions on the yoga studio door. And so they aren’t in a position to concentrate on the yoga.  

Meditation is well-known to enhance focus and focus. And due to this, it makes it simpler to focus the thoughts on the physique after we enter a yoga pose. The result’s full mind-body immersion within the asana.

2. Meditation lowers oxygen consumption

One of many lesser-known advantages of meditation is that it adjustments the way in which the physique makes use of oxygen.

Scientific analysis reveals that meditation lowers oxygen consumption charge by 10%. Which means we’re extra in a position to management the breath throughout and after meditation. It is a game-changer for anybody who will get in need of breath when practising yoga. If that’s you, attempt meditating earlier than doing yoga, and through your yoga session, take just a few moments right here and there to follow aware respiration. This can assist regulate the breath.

Not solely does this assist us follow yoga for longer, it additionally provides us extra management of pranayama. 

3. Meditation lets you uncover the philosophical elements of yoga

Whereas most yoga studios as of late are extra involved with bodily train than philosophy, traditionally yoga has been about each.

If you wish to really embrace the yogic way of life, it’s a must to get in contact with the philosophical facet. Meditation may also help.

The yogic system itself consists of many meditations, comparable to Trataka (Nonetheless Gazing), chakra meditations, mantras, and sound meditations (Nada Yoga). Not solely do these meditation strategies assist practice the thoughts, additionally they put together the mind-body for extra superior levels of yoga. In any case, it’s exhausting to really expertise Pungu Mayurasana  (Wounded Peacock Posture) when you’re worrying about that enterprise assembly.

4. Get too sweaty doing scorching yoga? Meditation will assist

Anybody who practices Bikram (scorching yoga) is aware of what it’s prefer to sweat a bit of an excessive amount of. However meditation can change that.

We get sweaty when our physique temperature rises. However meditation reduces coronary heart charge and blood stress, and this cools down the physique and thereby reduces sweating.

So if you happen to’re nervous you is likely to be a bit of scorching, sweaty and, sure, smelly if you’re doing scorching yoga, attempt meditating.

5. Meditation improves stability 

Really feel a bit of wobbly in Warrior III? Meditation will change that, no less than in keeping with one scientific examine. 

Ying Kee, PhD, and his colleagues on the Nanyang Technological College’s Nationwide Institute of Schooling took 32 males and break up them into two teams. Kee made each teams stand on one leg whereas holding a basin of water.   Whereas they had been doing this, Kee requested one group to be aware of their arms, whereas the opposite group had been allowed to consider something they preferred. Kee then examined the stability of members of each teams.

The outcomes confirmed that being aware of the physique will increase stability, the place eager about one thing aside from what we’re doing will really decrease our stability.

So, if you wish to keep in an asana for longer, be aware of your physique when you’re within the pose.

Anybody who’s critical about getting higher at yoga ought to embrace each the bodily and the psychological workout routines. And of the latter, meditation is crucial.

By practising meditation not solely can we embrace extra of the yogic way of life, we additionally put together the thoughts for fulfillment within the yoga studio.

The advantages of meditation are vital, and they’re invaluable with regards to enhancing our yoga follow.

For those who’ve been doing the bodily facet of yoga with out practising meditation, maybe it’s time for that to alter.


Editor’s be aware: It is a visitor publish by Paul Harrison, a meditation instructor based mostly in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He has 20 years of expertise and has spent greater than 2,000 hours meditating. He additionally works as a contract journalist.

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